Monday, 15 October 2012

Interviews and Hoodies - Week #2 of the October Dress Project

Week #2 of the October Dress Project here at Post Production Blues (you can see the outfits from week one and more info right here). It was definitely quite a week of coming up with outfits, but so far I haven't repeated any. I'm doing my best to keep them different and interesting for as long as possible. Seeing as I've made it half-way through the month without repeating, I'm guessing things will start to become a bit more difficult. But for me, it's definitely been pretty cool to see what I can come up with, and to use pieces of clothing that I almost never wore otherwise. 

October 8th (super casual day at home. I was cold in the morning, so I ended up tucking the dress up under my sweater and throwing on pants):

October 9th (I wore a skirt and belt over my dress, along with tights - for warmth's sake!):

October 10th (I struggled a bit on this day to find an outfit I liked, but when I figured this out, it became one of my favourites so far! If I weren't trying to wear something different each day, I'd probably have worn this for the rest of the week - super comfy. Oh, and for anyone who noticed that my hair is down, I've decided to challenge myself to put it down once a week - even if that is way less convenient and easy):

October 11th (had a job "interview" in the morning, so I dressed up a bit - good impressions and all):

October 12th (class in the morning, and not a terribly interesting rest of the day. Sorry for the blur):

October 13th (Saturday - raking leaves and window shopping. I actually didn't start the day off by wearing the dress. I threw on jeans instead, because the lawn needed raking, but once I was done, on went the dress. It was a warmer day, so I got away with not wearing tights):

October 14th (Sunday and thus church. Decided to try something that I'd been considering for awhile, but wasn't sure if it would work. Turned out I really liked it - pencil skirt, and tied up button up over the dress):

So week number two is officially done, and I guess this morning means that week three has started! Can't believe we (being me and Lana) have made it this far. There are definitely some days when I really wish I didn't have to wear the dress (and Saturday, wearing jeans and a tank top for those first couple hours was fantastic!) but I think most days - and moments - I'm really appreciating being forced to wear a dress. I do enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, but it's so easy for me to just resort to jeans, so the self-imposed challenge is refreshing. I'm hoping that by the end of the month, I'll be much more eager to wear skirts/dresses on a regular basis!

Note: You can read more about the project in this blog post which also includes links to the Facebook group, and the blog of the creator of the October Dress Project.

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